Thursday, December 06, 2012

Jindal: Let's have a fiscal cliff every year!

Of course if you want to create an annual crisis that forces you to privatize health care, cripple public education, and put scores of people out of work then I suppose you would think this is a good idea

In his op-ed, Jindal proposes that, as part of the budget negotiations, Republicans press for a balanced budget amendment to the Constitution. The reason the “fiscal cliff” is scary is that it theoretically entails reducing the budget deficit next year by half a trillion dollars — a contractionary effect strong enough that, if left in place (which it won’t be), would send the economy back into a recession.

But of course if we had a balanced budget amendment in effect, we wouldn’t be implementing half a trillion in immediate deficit reduction. We’d be implementing a trillion in deficit reduction. And such fiscal cliffs would become a regular feature of American budget policy.
In other words, Jindal is arguing for something that would make the job match his resume.

Update: Left out the best part.
Bobby Jindal, in an op-ed today, seems to think the metaphor is not overwrought enough “Today it’s the fiscal cliff, but that surely will not be the end of it; next year it will be the fiscal mountain, after that the fiscal black hole, and after that fiscal Armageddon”
So Jindal has found a way to incorporate Creation AND Armageddon into public policy.  We're still waiting to see the practical application of his exorcism skills but that must be coming. 

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