Monday, December 17, 2012

But can they decorate it for the holidays?


State highway officials plan to start early next year with a six-month study into the feasibility of an alternative route around an 8-acre sinkhole in northern Assumption Parish.

Though carrying just 6,000 vehicles per day, La. 70 cuts through isolated swamp and provides a key connector between La. 1 along Bayou Lafourche and parts west and south, including Pierre Part and Morgan City.

The growing sinkhole is 1,200 feet south of La. 70 South between Grand Bayou and Bayou Corne.

Current estimates have the sinkhole, believed to have been caused by a failed Texas Brine Co. LLC cavern in the Napoleonville Dome, about 640 feet across from north to south and 690 feet across from east to west.

The highway study is the initial step the Louisiana Department of Transportation and Development takes to consider a proposed highway before basic design begins, DOTD officials said.

I hope Texas Brine will at least be asked to cover the cost of this study plus whatever work it eventually recommends.  Our own sinkhole mitigation project last week was limited only to making the local vegetation more festive.  We spent about twelve dollars.

Celebration In The Sinkhole

Most of the ornaments have already been picked off of the bush so we're wondering if maybe we should refresh it a little. I'll ask DOTD to come out and assess it for us.

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