Wednesday, September 19, 2012

"I've got a university"

Huey Long quote, right?  Sure, but it's not his university anymore and it shows.

Jindal doesn’t care much about putting LSU on stronger financial footing and he has made no effort to explain his cuts to students or faculty.

What he may care about is the LSU jobs available to his friends and campaign donors. His history of favoritism in other state departments (not to mention his intolerance of dissent) is well known. Perhaps the only reason he hasn’t yet started stuffing LSU with friends and washed-up legislators is that he only recently acquired a strong majority of the LSU Board of Supervisors.

Now that Jindal is fully in charge — and has, in interim President Bill Jenkins, an eager and accommodating administrator — who knows what’s in store for the main campus?

Huey Long, as someone recently observed, might have had control of LSU, but at least he used his power to transform the university into an educational powerhouse. Jindal, it seems, has much lower and more-practical political ambitions.

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concerned citizen said...

Has anyone ever looked into background of Bill Jenkins? I believe he's from South Africa. Also, he used to go to U.S. Congress to testify for something in late 80's when he was head of LSU Vet school.