Tuesday, May 13, 2014


The saga of Jazzland continues
With the search for a developer of the former Six Flags park stagnating, the head of the New Orleans Industrial Development Board on Tuesday proposed hiring a national consultant to seek relocating or expanding companies and show corporate leaders the potential commercial sites around the city.

Alan Philipson, the economic development board's president, said over the past few months, the board has been forced to cancel meetings for lack of proposals or viable projects on the table.

He said city leaders, the New Orleans Business Alliance, and other local groups "are working diligently, around the clock" on bringing commerce to the city.

"I think we need to do our part," Philipson told the board at a meeting Tuesday. "I would like to propose that we try and find our own rainmaker out there."
Lots of positive thinking type comments in there. They're hiring a consultant so at least that means somebody will be making some money off of this property.

Still, nobody wants to develop this land for some reason.  Maybe it's just not "cool" enough.  You know, the way Arabi apparently is now. Or it could be something else.  What could that be?

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Clay said...

They were filming Jurassic World at Jazzland today.