Tuesday, May 13, 2014

Just the tip

St. Tammany Parish and Helis Oil have reached an agreement.
The proposal by Helis President David Kerstein calls for the company to drill vertically, analyze its data and proceed with horizontal drilling and hydraulic fracturing, or fracking, only if commercially-viable quantities of oil are present, the parish government said in a news release.

The proposal, which the parish has agreed to, was announced Tuesday afternoon by Parish President Pat Brister, Parish Council Chairman Reid Falconer and state Sen. Jack Donahue. It comes a day after some 300 people, most of whom appeared to be opponents of the fracking project, gathered at the Castine Center near Mandeville to express their concerns and obtain information about Helis' proposal and fracking in general.
So Helis agrees not to spit chemicals into the aquifer until they've made really really sure there's some money in it for them. In which case, everyone is fine with it then.  Is that really what this was all about?

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