Saturday, May 17, 2014

Dust to dust

It is widely hoped that the state of Louisiana's part of the federal litigation against BP for damages issuing from the Macondo spill will accrue to the state's coastal fund where it is badly needed in order to prop up coastal restoration projects.

So here's how the Governor wants to pay for  the litigation.
Dupuis said the Jindal administration has identified available money to pay the costs, which don’t include general state tax dollars.

Among the possible funding sources he listed: the state’s coastal fund, Gulf oil spill penalty money already flowing to Louisiana, and a set-aside fund that includes fees, taxes, penalties and other money paid by the oil industry to cope with spills.
Jindal and his allies are fond of criticizing public interest lawsuits against oil companies as nothing more than a boon for trial lawyers. Seems like they're doing everything they can to make sure this is true.  

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