Wednesday, May 21, 2014

If you didn't want to flood you wouldn't have so many dang levees

Here is the majority consensus among the Louisiana Legislature.

If oil and gas production is going to cost us  the entire southeast portion of the state it's pretty much worth it. Also if we really cared about flood protection, then we probably shouldn't have built all that flood protection.
“This bill is a 110 percent get out of jail free card,” said Gladstone N. Jones, a New Orleans lawyer representing SLFPA-E, said of the bill’s impact on the oil and gas industry’s failure to cleanup after itself.

Dove questioned Jones on why SLFPA-E sued only the oil companies and not the lumber interests, federal government and others who might have contributed to coastal erosion.

“It’s a good question,” Dove said.

“Not really,” Jones replied.

Oil and gas industry activity is responsible for 36.7 percent of the coastal loss, according to studies, Jones said.

Dove responded: “Did the oil companies build the levees on the Mississippi River?”

Much of the coastal damage also was caused by levees channeling the soil carried in the Mississippi River off the continental shelf rather than replenishing the wetlands.
So long. Thanks for all the oil. 

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