Saturday, October 07, 2017

It has barely rained

Earlier today, the mayor and about 19 other city officials on the podium told us we had better be off the streets by 7 or else. Councilmember Ramsey responded to questions about a supposed double standard "curfew" applied to residents but not necessarily to tourists.

Mackel followed up on that with a question to the mayor about enforcement in the event that some businesses remained open or hosted any sort of "hurricane party."  Mitch, visibly aggravated, warned that anybody out on the streets when the wind picks up "might catch a stop sign to the head."  

It's about 7:30 right now, Nate has made a "first landfall" in Plaquemines Parish. The wind is barely blowing in New Orleans and the National Weather Service has dropped the hurricane warning for Orleans Parish. WWLTV just reported from Bourbon Street where there are plenty people milling about after curfew.  Good for them. But, um, can we come out too yet?

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