Thursday, August 25, 2016

You guys worry too much

Or, at least, y'all worry about the wrong things.  Last night, Menckles dragged me out to Wal-Mart because some spaghetti convinced her beyond all doubt that we would certainly be needing hurricane supplies.  It's fine with me either way. I mean I'll go do some mall walking whenever. But I'm not about to freak out about a "storm" that doesn't even exist yet. Anyway, now we have more Pop-Tarts than we previously had so that's nice.

Meanwhile, as everyone is staring out into the Gulf, the real threat lurks much nearer to home.
A squirrel is to blame for thousands losing power in the New Orleans area on Thursday morning, according to Entergy New Orleans.

"Crews safely working to restore power ASAP after an animal got into our equipment," Entergy said in a tweet addressed to the East Carrollton area.

"It was a squirrel," the company added.

At the height of the outage, about 3,500 customers were without power.
This is actually the twist ending to "The Spaghetti Plot" by Agatha Christie. (sorry about the spoiler but it is)

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