Tuesday, August 02, 2016

Can't wait to find out what the ad is about

Eventually Pikachu will speak to us of fabulous savings at Walgreens or something.
Neighbors around Coliseum Square woke up Sunday morning to discover a larger-than-life Pikachu statue planted in an empty, defunct fountain on Terpsichore Street, about midway between the muse on Prytania Street and the park.

“We saw it in the morning, but we didn’t see it the night before,” said Gabriel Wimmer, whose balcony on Terpsichore directly overlooks the new statue. “It’s a kick. It’s cool to see people coming into the neighborhood.”

With the sudden dominance of Pokemon Go in Internet culture, news of the statue drew curiosity seekers even faster than a Pokemon lure. By Monday morning, a post about it on a Reddit forum about Pokemon Go had already drawn more than 5,000 votes of approval, and people from around the city were coming to see if it was real or just a Photoshop hoax.
So far the closest I've seen anyone come to claiming credit for the attack is here.  Although, that is now being disputed so who knows. Best advice is wait around a few days for the statue to tell us what to do.

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