Wednesday, August 03, 2016

Who coined "Trashanova"?

My memory is foggy now that I am an old. But I think this bon mot came from someone in the NOLA blogging community back in the day. Whoever it was might be in for some royalties.
Sidney Torres IV will appear in a new primetime series on CNBC in 2017. CNBC's website posted a story about Torres on Monday (Aug. 1), and Torres posted on Instagram about it, saying, "It's official!!! Look for Torres in a new CNBC primetime series.''

They called him "Trashanova,'' the CNBC post says. It's not Torres' first time on CNBC; previously, he was featured on the network's "American Dream'' show.
Hope this doesn't end up interfering with the mayoral campaign.

Update: After some digging, I've learned that 1) We've all pondered over this before. And 2) The answer is the name came from a NOLAFugees post.. probably.  See this comment thread

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