Thursday, February 18, 2016

The kids today

They're just, you know, the kids of all the assholes who were here in the first place. So they're gonna argue and disagree about the same things.
The fact remains that progressives in every generation are as embattled by their own internal divides as they are by cross-generational strife. Cornel West and David Duke are both Baby Boomers. Ta-Nehisi Coates and Quentin Tarantino would likely find little common ground in a discussion about racial appropriation, but both are members of Generation X. And if Millennial Twitter activists are emblematic of a specific generational condition, then so are the trolls they battle.

Appraising a generational profile is not as simple as cherry-picking the members with whom one agrees, and writing off the rest as sellouts or traitors. The punkish appeal to generational politics falls far short of substantive rebellion against capitalism. Being a Millennial doesn’t inherently incline one toward revolutionary politics, anymore than being a Boomer or a member of Generation X makes one a reactionary.
The very fact that we think and write about politics within the false construct of generational stereotypes is itself a testament to the triumph of capitalism... as specifically of marketing... over just about everything. 

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