Friday, May 16, 2014

Well that was wrong

This is a great conversation about Net Neutrality from a recent Bill Moyers show featuring David Carr and Susan Crawford.

Toward the end of the segment, Crawford says something very optimistic.
BILL MOYERS: The FCC is voting on May 15th to move forward with the proposal or not. That's less than two weeks away. What do you think people can do to be heard at that May 15th meeting?

SUSAN CRAWFORD: The uproar in the country is already causing the FCC to walk back from Wheeler's initial statement that he was never going to move towards treating these guys like a utility. That's already happening. Keeping that pressure up is only going to help because then they have to keep all these options on the table and act like a regulator. So writing into the FCC, writing to your congressman, keeping in touch with your senator. That really is making a difference. The White House is responding.
Yeah well that didn't happen

You can write and yell at these people all you want but they aren't going to listen to you. 

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