Tuesday, July 17, 2007

Uh oh

Ed Blakely:
"We've turned the corner."
You know just give it one more FU and you'll see some cranes and shit.... as long as we give the surge time to work or something.

Also in this article Dr. Blakely enlightens the buffoons on the concept of rebuilding:

"It's like building the city over again."

Actually from this article we learn that very little has changed since we last checked on the progress of Blakely's funding scheme except that the first sale of bonds related to that $260 million capital improvements package approved by voters in 2004 is now tied up because the city is unable to provide potential creditors with a current fiscal audit.

Oh and the infamous Blight Bonds aren't looking so hot either. But that's okay. It looks like there's a plan in place to get that jump started too. See what we'll do is:
Blakely earlier said he hoped to award a $150,000 contract for a professional money manager to handle the task by June. On Monday, he said he was still reviewing proposals, but didn't indicate when the city would make the hire.

I hate to start repeating myself here but this still looks to me like a process of perpetually punting promises into the future until it's time to pack up and go back to Australia.

Asked whether the failure to nail down financing will force him to revise his pledge to have construction "cranes on the skyline" by September, Blakely said, "My goal is to ensure that we have a program in place in September."

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