Tuesday, July 31, 2007

All of a sudden, he's my favorite writer

I agree with DeBerry again!

And even now, after District Attorney Eddie Jordan has declined to go after the nurses and an Orleans Parish grand jury has declined to indict the doctor, there are some people who are missing the point. It's perfectly acceptable to argue that Pou, Budo and Landry are innocent and express happiness that they won't face prosecution. It's another thing entirely to argue, as some people persist in doing, that law enforcement officials have no business investigating those in the medical profession.

If we all have equal standing before the law, then the reverse also should hold true, and the law ought to treat us as if we're all equally capable of wrongdoing. To argue otherwise is to say that the people who sign up for certain jobs are no longer human but belong to some special breed that is incapable of breaking the law.

Let me make it clear that I'm as pleased as anyone that Foti's grandstanding at the expense of this doctor and these nurses is coming to an end.

But I too felt that the outrage expressed at this investigation was fueled by a sense of class privilege as much.. or likely more.. than by a sense of justice... especially given the current vogue for more vigorous prosecution of accused murderers who happen to be of a lower caste.

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