Monday, July 16, 2007


If Ray Nagin, Bill Jefferson, and the entire Bush Presidency have taught us anything, it is that we are living currently with a politics of severe hard-headedness. Embattled pols are far more likely to fight than to bail no matter how ridiculous the circumstances.

I don't think Eddie Jordan is going to resign. He's going to stick it out and use his embattled status as a merit badge in his run for reelection in much the same way Jefferson and Nagin did before him. Among stubborn pols, Jordan is particularly notable for his pig-headed and even bizarre behavior at times. I think the fact that he has alienated so many potential political allies over the years is ultimately a greater threat to him than the current popular outrage. But even so, the DA's office is a powerful one that I don't see him giving up without a fight.

Also not resigning any time soon is Senator David Vitter. Please go re-read everything Vitter-related at YRHT and come back and tell me if you think this man has any shame. If the State GOP thinks Vitter too damaged to stand for reelection (in 2010) then they may find a way to force him out... but not until Jindal is in position to appoint his successor.

WWL is reporting that Vitter plans to speak at 5:00PM today. Also.. I just added some links to this post for the purposes of fun.

Update once more: Vitter's press conference was a textbook political apologize-but-blame-the-media-and-"enemies"-at-the-same-time gambit. He also denied all of the "New Orleans stories" which just seems ridiculous. Should be interesting.

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