Thursday, June 16, 2016

Year of the orange man

Exactly one year ago today Donald Trump announced he was running for President.  We thought it was so damn hilarious then.  It's still not unfunny,  exactly.  It's just now kind of an obvious joke that nobody gets.

Trump's early poll numbers in the general election are historically embarrassing. I know it's been a weird year and strange things can happen. I certainly didn't think Trump could be the GOP nominee when I saw him come down that escalator.  But putting that aside, this has all the looks of a severe blowout.

The obvious joke, then, is on the Hillary campaign.  This would be a good time for them to reinforce the sense of inevitability about their candidate.  Make a little bit of fun of Trump, sure. Talk down to him if he comes up as a topic. But mostly talk about the serious good work your serious inevitable candidate can't wait to do.

Instead the Clintons are treating the "threat" of their clearly impotent opponent as some sort of national emergency. It gives him credit for actually mattering more than all polling and logic suggests he does.  Basically the Clinton campaign is doing the opposite of whar they should be doing. They're  pumping up Trump when they should be diminishing him. It probably won't make a difference. But if they do want to let Trump back in the game, they are doing all they can to make that happen.

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