Tuesday, June 28, 2016

National Resilience Czar

This year might be Mitch's chance to hit the big time.

Landrieu plans to attend the Philadelphia convention where Clinton will claim the nomination next month. And in a measure of his commitment to the cause, his rising national stature, and perhaps even his own post-mayoral career plans, he expects to hit the road on her behalf this fall as well.

Noting that he already traveled to Virginia and South Carolina to drum up primary votes, Landrieu said he’s ready and eager to get his general election assignment.

“If asked, I’ll go. Even if I’m not asked, I’ll go,” he told the Advocate’s editorial board. “I am very interested in her being the next president of the United States. And more interested in Donald Trump never getting close to the White House.”
In Mitch's New Orleans we solve crime with apps, revitalize neighborhoods by replacing affordable housing with hotels, and spend the rest of our time in Aspen catching up on the new trends in public/private partnering away social services to for-profit 'treps.

In other words, it's exactly the sort of resume Hillary will be looking for in the bright future to come.

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