Wednesday, June 08, 2016

Why does Mitch Landrieu hate renters?

Getting closer to crunch time on this Airbnb issue.
Airbnb-style rentals on a commercial scale would be legal in residential neighborhoods under a set of rules the City Planning Commission will consider.

The commission, considering a regulatory framework in January, shot down so-called "principal residential" rentals, which are homes in residential neighborhoods that are rented out in their entirety by off-site owners or managers. Commissioners said at the time that opening the door to whole-home rentals in residential areas had too much potential to disrupt neighborhood cohesion and character.

Despite that rebuff, Mayor Mitch Landrieu asked that principal-residential rentals be included in legislation as the issue moves through the planning process. At his request, the City Council in May instructed the commission's staff to include principal-residential rentals as it translated the regulatory framework into a set of formal zoning amendments. The commission is set to consider whether to endorse the amendments at its meeting Tuesday (June 14).
Just the other day we noted (for the millionth time.. we've been on this for years now) that this policy decision would run exactly counter to the collected wisdom from the experience of cities around the world.  I thought Mitch was all about adopting "best practices." What happened?

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