Wednesday, June 08, 2016

I forgot about Governor Nungesser

So many Governors running loose these days, it's difficult to keep track.  A few months ago Governor Billy was going to get us a sweet deal involving some Iraqi oil and a defunct shipyard and... a Nigerian prince or something like that. I forget the details.

Anyway today he's back with a scheme to make us rich selling furniture on eBay.
After six months on the job, Lt. Gov. Billy Nungesser has been looking for ways to cut costs and raise revenue for the museum. One idea he’s exploring: selling the system’s storage building, which sits on 7,700 square feet of prime French Quarter real estate, and some of its more than 400,000 artifacts — those that are deemed to be of limited value.

“Why are we storing art in the middle of the French Quarter in such a valuable building?” Nungesser said. “That’s such an expensive building to maintain. I’d much rather see that cost going into maintaining and improving our museums.”
Clearly that building should be Airbnbed immediately. Don't these people understand value? I mean, look at some of this stuff just sitting around not being monetized. 
As far as reducing the size of the museum’s collection, Nungesser isn’t interested in holding a fire sale. But some items have limited historical or local ties, he said, citing a folding chair that former President Ronald Reagan once sat on at the Rivergate exhibition hall.

“To me, that doesn’t have any historical value,” Nungesser said. “Some Republican would pay big money on eBay to buy that, but I don’t think we should be using tax dollars to store it.”
We don't want it. But surely someone out there will bid big bucks for St. Reagan's Holy Assprint.  People used to joke about Bobby Jindal's habit of covering up budget shortfalls by selling off state property.  Nice to see Nungesser go the whole nine with this eBay scheme.  

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