Thursday, June 02, 2016

Only about eight years too late

Maybe it's too far in the past now, but probably there are a lot of people still hanging around who can actually remember the things that happened during the Obama Administration.  A major theme during this now long lost time was the President's perpetual search for a bipartisan "Grand Bargain" with Republicans which would have cut Social Security and Medicare by billions of dollars.

It was a dream that persisted throughout Obama's term frustrated only by a Republican controlled congress so hard-headed and reactionary that they never could bring themselves around to collect a gift from their IslamoKenyaSocialitler nemesis.

So the whole Presidency has been one long push. Which, under the circumstances, amounts to a win for consensus elites who all agree that Social Security is "doomed" eventually. Of course there are some simple things we could do to save and expand the program.  Maybe we could have gotten that started eight years ago if President Obama actually gave a shit. 

But he wanted a "Grand Bargain" instead. Thank God he didn't get it.  It's a shame, though, that everyone wants to give him credit for hopping on the bandwagon now that it doesn't matter what he does anymore.  But, then, he was President so long ago, I guess people have forgotten.  

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