Thursday, June 09, 2016

I strongly disagree with Kalen

She concludes a post about the Airbnb travesty this way.
It’s a simple truth: Any housing unit being used exclusively as a short-term rental is no longer available as a home for an actual New Orleanian.

The post-Katrina era is over; now it’s simply the time when greed wins… and we used to be better than that.
Sorry, no. We were never better than that. Greed and exploitation has been the key theme to understanding the whole of New Orleans's post-Katrina "recovery" experience. There's no America to be Made Great Again here. We were in a poor and sinking city before the disaster and afterward what was left of that poor and sinking city was fed bit by bit to a neoliberal profit-taking machine. We failed to stop that from happening. We were always going to fail. 

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