Saturday, January 30, 2016

Pre-games and warm-ups

Parade season begins in earnest this weekend.  But we're already well into the swing of things.  Here are a few links and photos from the past few weeks just to get caught up.

These are from the Thoth "King's Caravan"walking parade through the French Quarter a few weeks ago.

Caravan float

You can look at this event two ways. On the one hand, it possesses the definite aspect of a Y'at-ish frat party and all of the embarrassingly boorish behavior such a thing entails. At its worst, you might think of it as the #KreweOfChad Senior Division.

Caravan on Canal

Caravan on Bourbon

On the other hand, an authentic, locally produced Carnival event presenting itself on Bourbon Street is a rare and welcome relief from a scene typically dominated by destination wedding parties and corporate faux-second lines. Sometimes it's good to go remind the tourists that even the "Hospitality Zone" doesn't belong entirely to them.

Bourbon Street

Plus it's always good to see these guys out there doing their thing.

Cross bearing

You can't have a good Mardi Gras if you don't have a chaotic mix of clashing lifestyles and opinions out on full display. I don't care what the FBI says about that.

Then, last weekend, one of the few serious cold weather spells we've had this winter meant it was time for Krewe Du Vieux. At least, that's what the forecast always calls for, anyway.

Krewe du  Vieux XXX

Krewe Du Vieux crosses Canal Street these days so we caught it in the CBD.  They told us the Governor was snowed under at DC Mardi Gras at the time, but we did see his bus parked out in front of the place that used to be Lucy's.

Purple Party Bus

Unfortunately most of my pictures from that night turned out really crappy.  Here's a look at Spank's "Clash of The Entitled" float, for example.

Clash of The Entitled

Their theme was #KreweOfChad inspired.  If you'd like to review the background there, a comprehensive history has recently been published.  Also this year be on the lookout for #KreweOfBrad.

I've got some better pictures from the Friday night parades I'll put into a later post. But it's already late on Saturday and I've got to shake off the hangover before the next things happen.  This week's Hunkderdowncast is sort of a Mardi Gras preview.  Maybe check that out in the meantime.

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