Monday, January 11, 2016

Trolled by Stacy

In a not very entertaining  dry and somber segment we had to cut from last week's Hunkerdowncast, we noted the strange irony present in the city's approval of these controversial Anti-abortion ads along the St. Charles Avenue streetcar line at the same time it was in the process of removing Confederate monuments from  the streets on the grounds that they constituted a "public nuisance."

We were completely sincere in this observation and argued that the banners are every bit as inappropriate as the monuments are and that they should all come down. So we were surprised to find the next day that councilwoman Stacy Head had drawn a similar read on the situation as we had.  Although, as Jarvis DeBerry says here, I think Stacy's argument is somewhat more tongue-in-cheek that ours was.
It seems more likely that Head's primary goal is to call out Mitch Landrieu, the mayor who leaped at every opportunity to embarrass and talk down to her at a Dec. 17 City Council meeting. The mayor successfully urged the council to take down monuments celebrating Robert E. Lee, P.G.T. Beauregard, Jefferson Davis and the White League. Head asked Landrieu where this action would lead us. How will the city determine what else is so offensive that it warrants removal? "Is there only one group whose feelings matter?"
It's good thing we cut that out of the show. Otherwise I wouldn't know for certain whether she was trolling Mitch or us.

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