Sunday, January 17, 2016

There will be plenty time to fire John White later

Right now they just don't have the votes. It's as simple as that.
Edwards’ new stance stems in part from the fact that self-styled education reformers, who often clash with Edwards’ political allies, retained control of BESE after last year’s elections.

It would take eight votes on the 11-member board to replace White and eight to hire a new superintendent. No such supermajorities exist now.
Update: I missed this commentary from Crazy Crawfish a few weeks back.  He points out that the Edwards people may already have to many wolves in the hen house and that Edwards has already traded BESE away to "ed reformers" in exchange for help with the upcoming budget session.  That sounds like bad strategy. 
John Bel, I was told if I wrote a blog about this, you would never ever see it and that I needed to go through the proper channels (like the ones that have already failed me to date).

Let’s see if that’s true or another lie.

It appears to many on the outside that you seem to have taken the side of education reformers, and taken great pains to include them in your Kumbaya moment while also excluding around 50% of the population that hates Common Core and John White and his policies.

We were screwed over by corporations and billionaires from out of state and we looked to you to help make it right.  That’s not what many of us see happening.  I feel my trust has been abused, but to be fair I have not spoken to you and you may not be aware things aren’t being seen as going smoothly outside your circle.

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