Tuesday, January 05, 2016

"Black hole of need"

Interesting bit of psychoanalysis from Grace here.
It’s all comes off as comical, until you think about the fact that so much of the Republican Party’s base is drawn to someone who claims to have easy fixes to complicated, often intractable problems. Not to mention someone who channels their frustrations, both imagined and legitimate, by picking on whole categories of people — Muslims, Mexicans and women at various points in the campaign, or in this case, journalists. Whatever gets a rise, and earns him headlines from a media establishment that he insists won’t give him a break.

It’s easy to see how all this works for Trump, who is clearly using this whole campaign to try to fill up some black hole of need.

As for the people who filled the Mississippi Coast Coliseum on Saturday night? The scary thing is that, at some level, it all seems to work for them, too.
She's right, though.  A lot of people must really be frustrated for someone like Trump to help fill the "black hole of need" or whatever.

Too bad we're going to spend the next several months pretending those needs are psychological rather than material.

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