Sunday, January 17, 2016

Sunday Night Debateball

It would be nice if the Democrats would get on stage when more people are watching. We know they're keeping a low profile on purpose but I think it's a mistake to let the Republicans dominate the media month after month they way they have. It skews the entire frame of the election toward the right.

Anyway tonight might be a good time to start watching the Democrats if you haven't been.  The race there is starting to feel more competitive lately with Sanders picking up an endorsement from The Nation and Hillary sicking her daughter on him this week.

Don't be surprised at all, by the way if Bernie wins in Iowa and New Hampshire. But also don't expect that to matter much ultimately.  But that just underscores the import of getting the Democratic debate into the public eye while it's still sort of competitive.  Voters need to see and hear about the issues Democrats are concerned about while they're still talking about them.  Otherwise, come November, the whole thing will just be a personal referendum on Hillary.  And, well, good luck with that.

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