Friday, January 15, 2016

Charles Boustany is still running against Obama in 2016

This week Governor Edwards reinstated a waiver of federal work requirements for food stamp recipients. Bobby Jindal had recently allowed the waiver to expire but with economic conditions worsening in Louisiana this would have been an especially bad moment to penalize people for being poor when work is scarce.

But since penalizing the poors for being poors is a favorite Republican passtime, a lot of them are upset. The Advocate went and talked to some of them about it. One such Republican venting his frustration that we aren't doing enough to humiliate the less fortunate was U.S. Senate candidate Charles Boustany.
U.S. Rep. Charles Boustany, R-Lafayette, also issued a statement on the waiver, though he criticized the Obama administration for granting the waiver that Edwards requested.

“We simply must require work for welfare. President Obama may not like work requirements, but they honor our values and work ethic, and they send a clear message that welfare should be transitional and temporary, not a way of life,” he said.
Is that really how he wants to do this? We just went through a statewide election last year where the Republican failed to gain traction with voters simply by saying "Obama Obama Obama" every five minutes. The President will only become less relevant this year as his term in office draws to an end. But okay. Let's see if Boustany is still on that theme in November.

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