Wednesday, November 05, 2014

Well what do you say?

Actually not gonna say much tonight about the national picture except just this little bit of told you so.  It's just a few paragraphs in the middle of this post from this morning about why Democrats lose these kinds of elections. Nothing I haven't said a million times.

When you insist on not being for anything in particular at a time when people are grasping for answers, they are going to grasp for the answers the other guy is offering no matter how bad those answers are for everyone. The cable news pundits are already on to wondering what the GOP will be like now that they are the "governing party."  But the answer is they won't change at all.

It's a dumb question anyway. Republicans aren't interested in governing. They're interested in protecting privilege while fanning the flames of phony outrage.  Where will they find the outrage now? It doesn't matter. But they do have subpoena power in the Senate now so it will be a fun hunt.  The point is the next two years aren't about governing. They're just pre-2016 political stagecraft.

As for the state races, we'll look at it tomorrow but a few points.

It will be interesting, now that the national question is no longer a factor, whether or not Bill Cassidy can run as well against Mary Landrieu  in the runoff as he did against Barack Obama during the primary.

Edwin Edwards told a reporter tonight, "I beat nine Republicans today." He's in a runoff against one now. And that one has a shit ton of money to spend. Hope EWE enjoyed himself, though.

McAllister is out of the runoff and Zach Dasher is also out of the runoff in District 5.  The Duck Dynasty has truly come to an end there.

The local stuff.. okay definitely will look at it tomorrow.  Play around with The Lens's precinct maps in the meantime.  These should become standard for every local election.

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