Wednesday, November 26, 2014

"Dim view"

Don't even know what that's supposed to mean.  
Orleans Parish School Board employees  can’t hang any more signs from board property urging people to vote on an upcoming tax measure to benefit schools, but neither do they have to take down existing signs, a judge ruled Tuesday.

The signs don’t explicitly ask people to vote for the measure, but Orleans Parish Civil District Judge Tiffany Chase noted they’re all smiling and holding their thumbs up.
If they don't have to take the signs down, then the judge approves of the signs.  This is not "taking a dim view" as the headline says.  Maybe they can't illuminate the signs at night or something. 

Anyway,  the ballot item in question is basically just another power grab attempt on the part of the people who have been working to privatize and thereby destroy the institution of public education in this city ever since the Katrina flood allowed them to illegally fire thousands of people and get away with it.

It will probably pass because, you know, the signs all tell us to "think of the children" or whatever. 

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