Thursday, November 13, 2014

Thank you, "49ers fan"

Another week, another letter to the editor from a grateful visiting fan.
Saints fans are by far the most welcoming, professional fans I have ever experienced.  The people of New Orleans have much to be proud of with their fans.  Not once, before the game, during the game or leaving the stadium did a Saints fan engage in derogatory "smack talk" or anything else that would make an away team fan feel anything less than welcome at the Superdome. Even with such a difficult overtime loss, nothing!

I have never had a better NFL fan experience than I did in New Orleans last weekend.  The Saints fans are exemplary role models for all NFL franchises, including my beloved 49er fans.
The suspicious part of me is beginning to wonder if these frequent letters are maybe planted via some NOTMC PR consultant somewhere.  But never mind that right now.

As sweet as this letter is, it's worth noting that 49ers fans are pretty terrible.

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