Saturday, November 01, 2014

Bike lock

Don't think I've ever seen a restraining order against a bike lane before.
The plaintiffs' request claims that Landrieu does not have the right to reconfigure roads without the consent of the City Council.

The request cited emails from numerous city officials who expressed enthusiasm for the bike lane before carrying out a public involvement process. In a June email quoted in the court document, Chief Administrative Officer Andy Kopplin said that installing a bike lane was a "generationally significant decision to make in terms of our infrastructure/planning and is consequential in terms of the vision we have for our city and our effort to continue to improve our rankings in the eyes of national bicycling organizations."
LOL way to go all in against Big Bicycle, I guess. There's more in there about the supposedly corrupt dealings of "bicycle partisans," and such.

This is all very strange to me.  I'm a "bicycle partisan" of sorts. That is to say, I'm among the 4% of New Orleanians who regularly commute via bike.

bike stat
Source: The Data Center

But I also know a counter-productive gimmick when I see one. And this particular bike lane is a counter-productive gimmick designed to help sell condos at the new South Market District development.   But nobody wants to talk about that because they're involved in some oddly polarized culture war over what is essentially just a tool some people use sometimes.

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