Thursday, November 06, 2014

Racism still happening

But, you know, Mary Landrieu was wrong to say so.
African-American families are often steered away from the opportunity to rent in more affluent neighborhoods in New Orleans, according to a report released Thursday (Nov. 6) by the Greater New Orleans Fair Housing Action Center.

The nonprofit sent two undercover "mystery shoppers," one black and one white with matching incomes, careers and rental histories, to Lakeview, East Carrollton, and Uptown near Audubon Park.

They attempted to view or apply for 50 apartments and 44 percent of the time the black tester was denied the opportunity to rent or were treated unfairly, according to the report.
Hardly shocking that this should go on in a city where gentrification is pretty much official city development policy, though. 

There's a realtors' convention in town this week, by the way. Maybe we can ask some of them about redlining.  Although, looks like they're already too busy with their "previtalization" party.

Update: Had trouble finding the report at the GNOFHA site earlier. Here it is. 

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