Saturday, November 08, 2014

Ready for Hillary?

Jeb Lund:
Worse, if you're of the opinion that the Democrats' fundamental failure is an inability to run as actual Democrats while constantly querulously moving toward Republican Lite, Hillary presents a curious solution. Former Reagan advisor and Bush I Treasury official Bruce Bartlett cites numerous examples of right-wing coziness with Hillary, and her war bona fides approach mongery. Watching/reading what passes for "left-wing" commentators in the Beltway, one gets the sense that they think simply making Hillary run will somehow turn her into a liberal firebrand — the same cursed hope that says, "My boyfriend is an alcoholic, but if I marry him, he'll feel responsible enough to quit." All this from the same people who watched Hillary and Obama turn green at the gills next to John Edwards' brand of quasi-liberalism and their palpable sense of relief when he cratered.
It's shaping up to be a pretty depressing rest of our lives we're looking at here. 

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