Saturday, November 08, 2014

The Mark Ingram portion of the season

Dude has 54 carries over the last 2 games. In all of 2013 he carried a total of 78 times. Tomorrow, will be another heavy day.
It looks like Mark Ingram will once again carry the load this week.

The Saints announced Friday afternoon that running back Khiry Robinson (forearm) and Pierre Thomas (ribs/shoulder) will be sidelined for the third consecutive week because of injury. That means Ingram, who has 54 carries for 272 yards and three carries over the last two weeks, will once again carry the load.
The headline actually says he will "shoulder" the load which is very clever 

Anyway, Underhill's story also addresses the Pro Football Focus over-geekening of statistics in a team sport that often defies attempts isolate the performance of one defender.
The advance in statistics tracked by various websites has led to a higher understanding of the game among fans and analysts, but those stats are only worthwhile when they are accurate and do not distort what is actually happening on the field.

The Saints say that is what has happened with Keenan Lewis this season. There are statistics flying around the Internet which state the Saints cornerback has allowed more than 300 passing yards and three touchdowns this season. But the team says that simply isn’t true.

“I know there’s another thing with numbers, someone said Keenan’s given up 300 yards receiving,” Saints defensive coordinator Rob Ryan said. “That’s just not true. I don’t know how that happened.”
I hope Keenan's agent has that quote from his supervisor saved up the next time he goes into contract negotiations.  

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