Sunday, October 26, 2014

Welp, that went pretty well all things considered

Holy crap

“It’s a crazy atmosphere. This is the craziest place I’ve played. Absolutely was a factor.”  - Ole Miss QB Bo Wallace

Yesterday we decided, sort of as a last minute lark, to drive up to Baton Rouge just to take in the atmosphere a little bit.  We didn't have tickets and had low expectations about getting a hold of any but at the time we didn't figure on the game being the point of the day. 

Really, we were just out to steal food from people.  Turned out we were pretty good at this. Or maybe everybody just made too much.

Pasta jamabalaya

Pasta jambalaya with sausage and pork shoulder from the Valley Shook tailgate.


Chicken andouille gumbo from @RougarouxLSU's tent.

I'm an LSU grad and my wife is a foreigner so I also relished the opportunity to show her around campus a bit.  It was homecoming weekend which makes the whole exercise a little cliche but this was such a perfect day it didn't matter.


Tiger Stadium

Geaux 2 Hell Ole Miss pumpkins

We lucked out all around. Perfect weather, perfect parking spot... almost perfect beer planning.  Somehow we ran out.. but that was ok because we just stole more from the tent where Chef James was cooking.  Oh and we took all their food too.

Cullen tailgate

Football is 90% mooching off of people's stuff.

Oh yeah and we got into the game too. I'd never sat in the terrace at Tiger Stadium before.  The view of the river from up there is impressive.

PMac and River

We sit up at the top of the Superdome for Saints games so we're used to being high up.  Certainly couldn't complain about this view of the field. 

Band pregame

This morning everyone is writing about the "throwback" nature of the game. It was the biggest LSU vs Ole Miss game in decades.  I explained to Menckles that in the Norman Rockwell version of LSU at night in Tiger Stadium, Ole Miss is the visiting opponent. And, although LSU supposedly has no single "arch-rival",  people seemed pretty fired up about this.

Geaux 2 Hell Ole Miss

Also the game itself was heavy on defense and (to an absurd degree) on LSU's rushing attack.  I'm not exactly a football purist, but I can't say I don't find these Les Miles signature grindfests entertaining.  Driving 95 yards on 12 runs and one 2 yard play action pass isn't the only way to win a football game.  On the other hand, any team who pulls that off probably deserves to win when they do.

It's been fun watching this young LSU team come together.  They're not perfect and they aren't going to the playoff or anything like that this year. But they're talented and they're getting better. Whatever they do the rest of the year (even if that includes a win over Alabama) this was the highlight for 2014.  We decided at the last minute to be there.  Glad that worked out.

I never caught up with Rob Maness, though.  Guess he didn't want to do any keg stands.

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Nolaresident said...

Glad you were able to score tickets. That pasta jambalaya looks damned good. Never thought of trying to fix it that way.