Thursday, October 09, 2014

Bob Mann's EWE derrangement syndrome

It's been showing up a lot lately.  Mann gets a few quotes in this MoJo article about the District 6 race.
With most of the polling in-state focusing on the back-and-forth Senate race, there's no consensus on who the Republican entry in the runoff will be. But whoever emerges as the second candidate in the head-to-head race is in good shape. "I don't think Edwards could beat anybody, unless the person he's running against has committed a worse crime than him," says Bob Mann, a former aide to Democratic ex-Gov. Kathleen Blanco.

Edwards, one of a handful of Southern congressmen to support extending the Voting Rights Acts during his stint in Congress, always won black voters by huge margins. But his new district is significantly whiter than the rest of a state that's become increasingly polarized. No voter under the age of 41 has ever seen Edwards on the ballot; many of the people who ever voted for him are dead; and, also, he went to prison. "Even in his best election, he probably only got about 50 percent of the white vote," Mann says. "I don't think that's possible for any Democrat now."
Not saying his analysis is wrong. Although... Edwards vs. Lenar Whitney would be a thing I might buy a ticket to.  But more to the point, there are worse things than electing an 87 year old progressive Democrat with a colorful history to serve 2 years in Congress. Many of those worse things are on the ballot.  Not sure what Mann is all worked up about.

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