Wednesday, October 15, 2014


Cedric Richmond on Bill Cassidy:
Democrats contend that Cassidy — who rarely raises his voice or changes his tone, even when confronted with criticism — is such a snoozer that his party affiliation alone won’t be enough to carry him in this hotbed of discontent for the president and his party. As former Sen. John Breaux (D-La.) put it in an interview: “Louisiana, let’s face it, has always liked personalities.”

Rep. Cedric Richmond, a dapper politician from New Orleans and key Landrieu supporter, was more blunt. “He’s weird. Dude is weird,” Richmond said. “He’s not what Louisiana is. He’s not personable, he’s not charismatic.”
Don't worry about the rest of that article.  "Is this candidate cool enough?" is probably the most Politico type of thing Politico can write.  It's also got Bob Mann comparing Edwin Edwards to gumbo.  Anyway, I'm just telling you you don't have to read all that and probably shouldn't.

Meanwhile, this Rasmussen poll was done before last night's debate where we learned that Cassidy thinks raising the retirement age to 70 "won't hurt anybody."   But it does show the weird dude over 50% (in a head-to-head with Mary who still is leading the primary.)

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