Monday, October 27, 2014

Mike McCarthy is kind of dumb

Curious things
Whether it was a sign of disrespect or one of creativity, Green Bay did some curious things early in the game that ultimately bit it later on.

On the second series of the game, the Packers brought linebacker Julius Peppers on the field, lined him up at tight end and attempted to throw him a pass on a second-down play in the red zone. After an unsuccessful third-down play, Green Bay settled for a field goal. On the ensuing kickoff, Green Bay attempted an unsuccessful onside kick, giving the Saints a short field that they used to add a field goal.
There was also a point in the third quarter where the Packers went for a 4th and 1from their own 40 while only trailing by a touchdown. The Saints converted a gimme field goal and Green Bay never got the margin back to less than two scores.

Fun night for all sorts of reasons.  But if you're looking for a deciding factor in this game, the answer is Mike McCarthy is kind of dumb.

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