Wednesday, October 22, 2014


Florida is the latest in a recent string of states to consider not being those states anymore.
Secession talk had notably bubbled up in far northern California and in northeast Colorado last year, with the latter state actually holding a vote on a 51st state initiative in 11 counties. Five of those 11 Colorado counties voted in favor of seceding from the state by strong margins.

In both those states, secession advocates cited a lack of representation in a state government controlled by Democrats as motivation for breaking away. But Harris suggested a major motivating factor behind his proposal was the Republican-controlled state government's failure to address the effects of climate change on south Florida, where sea levels are rising at a rate that may put Miami underwater by the end of the century.
If only it were that easy in Louisiana.  The part of our state most vulnerable to the effects of climate change is also the part most militant about not doing anything about it.

Besides, in this state we only petition to secede about important local issues.  Such as not wanting to share a school district with the black parts of town. 

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