Wednesday, October 29, 2014

Keep drinking milk

Bobby Jindal has a solid handle on how to fix his already flagging Presidential prospects.
I’m a congenital pessimist, so don’t give me too much credit for drawing attention to this pending debacle-cum-comic-relief. Instead, all praise should go to National Review’s Eliana Johnson, who reported Monday evening that a source “close to” Jindal was willing to confirm that the “slight” governor “has gained 13 pounds over the past few months” because he’s “looking to beef up” now that the 2016 campaign is “on the horizon.” Yes indeed, the guy whose political future began to unravel as soon as people noticed he sounded like Kenneth from “30 Rock” seems to think he can revive his flatlining career by reminding everyone that he doesn’t exactly reflect the Republican Party base’s particular vision of rugged masculinity.
Those of us who know Bobby Jindal now are hardly surprised.  This is the guy who purposely asks people to call him after a character he saw on the Brady Bunch.   Is it too much of a stretch to assume that Jindal would also draw an electoral strategy from something he saw on TV?

Edit: I changed the milk commercial after publishing. Couldn't decide which was the most.. Jindal. Several of them work. Browse YouTube and find your favorite.

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Louie Ludwig said...

Found a campaign strategy memo someone forgot to shred: http://www.rrmerritt.com/mabelvale/MHS_Images/I_CharlesAtlas.jpg