Thursday, August 03, 2017

So many Bronze Toms

How many does the world need? Also what if they are horcruxes?
CANTON, Ohio -- Tom Benson now has a stadium named after him, with a statue to go with it.

The first major step in a nearly $800 million project at the Pro Football Hall of Fame has been the renovation of an aging high school stadium located next to the hall itself. The New Orleans Saints owner donated $10 million to the renovation.

On Thursday, a 9-foot statue of Benson was unveiled at the 23,000-seat stadium that Hall of Fame President David Baker called "the finest small venue stadium in the world."
The now renamed Tom Benson Hall Of Fame Stadium is actually the second football field to bear Tom's name. There is also a "Tom Benson Field" at Tulane's Yulman Stadium. One day it will be dug up by archaeologists to discover a Terra Cotta Army of Bronze Toms buried beneath.  

Also this, of course, is not the first statuary Benson known to us.  The original Bronze Tom continues to darken Champions Square until such time as the #TakeEmDown movement finally gets to that spot on its list. But that's not all. There is also Mini Bronze Tom seen here being contemplated by Tom Himself at the original statue's dedication ceremony.


My idea is to mass produce a souvenir 16oz beer stein shaped like that which you can serve Dixie from at the Superdome for like $20 during Saints games.  (If they do this, I would like my cut please.)

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