Saturday, October 15, 2016


Ed Orgeron:
Orgeron hasn’t engendered a wisp of criticism since taking over for Miles, but his tenure won’t have as much to do with the court of public opinion as the field of cold, hard numbers. Win enough games, though no one knows how many that would be, and he gets to crumple up the interim tag next to his name.

He couldn’t ask for a tougher gauntlet, with five ranked SEC teams lying in wait, all preceded by months of unbelievable drama.

Somehow, Orgeron has embraced it all.

You know, whatever,” he said. “This is college football. Whatever the day brings, we’re going to face it and be positive about it and go after it and adjust on the move.”
Maybe not the most profound thing. But you do have to respect a guy who subscribes to "You know, whatever," as a guiding principle. 

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