Friday, May 20, 2016

Ken Havard is somewhat portly

No fatties, though. Amirite, Ken?
State Rep. Kenny Havard said Thursday he won’t apologize over his “joke” legislation that sought to ban exotic dancers from being overweight or older than 28 years.

He took a firm stand on Thursday, despite numerous demands he apologize, blaming the firestorm his comments created on the delicate sensibilities of a nation that he said is overly concerned with being politically correct.

“I don’t know if I’ll ever apologize for being politically incorrect. It’s just not in my nature,” Havard said in an afternoon press conference. “Political correctness, in my opinion has ruined the country, and it looks like it’s ruining the state now.”
Okay but the "politically correct" bill he was taking a stand against was meant as a response to growing concerns about a human trafficking problem.  Some have argued that this age restriction isn't the most effective remedy for that, but Havard voted for the bill anyway.

So what was his point? Trolling, basically. There's a sub-genre of right wing humor predicated on the notion that freedom is advanced by saying things that might offend the delicate sensibilities of a conservative's mental caricature of a liberal.  A lot of Donald Trump's schtick is rooted in this.

Which is why the absolute worst way to react to it is by, well, actually getting offended the way Grace does here.  There's no use in that. It's what Trumpites want in the first place. By stopping to 'splain how rude their shock jock behavior is, you're just confirming its premise.

Far better to just give it right back to them.  Donald Trump has tiny hands.  Ken Havard is maybe not one to talk about people's proscribed weight. I mean I looked at his House bio page and didn't see text listing his weight and age. Maybe we should pass an amendment.  But I did see this.

I didn't know what this guy looked like before this happened but somehow this isn't a shock. Anyway, get with the time, Ken. The Golden Age of the Doughy Guy is long passed now.

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