Monday, May 16, 2016

Hand yoga

Saints rookie receiver Michael Thomas has discovered the Fre Flo Do for a new generation.
The secret? Hand yoga.

This might sound odd. No, it does sound odd. It also seems there might be something to this.

Thomas said he has seen measurable growth in his hands since he began doing the exercises as part of his routine. His mitts registered at 10.5 inches at the scouting combine, which is bigger than all but three players over the past three years.

If nothing else, he has the goods to back up his claims.

“It stretches them and stuff,” Thomas said. “It’s a little secret I do. I know the exercises and then, when I get massages, I get the knuckles massaged out.”

The scary part is that Thomas doesn’t think there is a limit to how much he can stretch his hands. He was measured again by ESPN after the combine, and his hands had grown a quarter-inch.

Thomas was asked in jest whether he thought there was a limit to how far his hands could stretch. Some number beyond a foot was thrown out.
Does Donald Trump know about this? Or is "hand yoga" too frou frou a term for his idiom?

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