Wednesday, November 05, 2008

Let the word go forth....

That Jeremy Shockey is an asshole

Despite the fact that it seemed like a subversive political statement (as opposed to Jeremy Shockey’s overt statement that consisted of yelling “I want a recount!” as he walked out of the shower), Smith insisted he was just trying to tease some of his teammates.

Also of note in that Gambit post

With the state of the economy being the defining factor of this year’s presidential race — and with John McCain consistetly hammering Obama for raising taxes — pro athletes are caught in sort of a limbo. On the one hand, a vast majority of pro athletes come from low-income houses. On the other hand, those days are long gone and now, being in the top 5% of the U.S. population in terms of wealth, a lot of athletes vote on taxes alone. (To wit: the week before the Saints left for London, every player had a piece of paper placed in their lockers that broke down the two presidential candidates’ tax plans and “Be careful what you wish for” in handwriting.)

Is Alejandro implying that Saints management was pressuring its employees to vote a certain way? Or did Shockey write the notes? Has this been looked into?

There is a bit of follow-through in the comments section to that post now. They still don't know where the notes came from but Fujita tried to find out, apparently.

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