Saturday, June 03, 2017

"White colleges"

Billy Nungesser, ladies and gents.
NEW ORLEANS -- Lieutenant Governor Billy Nungesser says Mayor Mitch Landrieu is moving too slowly in starting a bid process for governments and non-profits to buy the Confederate monuments the city took down last month.

Nungesser wants to bid on the monuments on behalf of the state and let a committee of university professors decide on where they should go next.

"I believe to take five African-American historians from black colleges and five white historians from white colleges and come together and decide where we can put them that won't be offensive and have historical value, like a battlefield or wherever," Nungesser said.

When asked to clarify what he meant by "white colleges," Nungesser said, "Well, any of the colleges, you know what I'm saying."
Meanwhile, the Legislature just gave billy a license to go ahead and use state museum and parks property for whatever semi-privatized for-profit endeavors he (and his buds) can dream up. Seems like a good idea given the full confidence everyone has in Billy's judgement. Maybe Swamp Molly will think of something.

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