Wednesday, June 14, 2017

What was the point?

Everybody is ok with passing the budget this time. It's pretty much the same budget they couldn't pass last time.
The Louisiana House gave preliminary approval Wednesday (June 14) to a $28 billion budget plan that is very similar to the one the Senate endorsed last week -- but that the House leadership had refused to bring up for a vote. Had the House voted for this budget on Thursday, the last day of the 2017 regular session, the Legislature might have been able to avoid the current special session that is costing the public $60,000 per day.
Not all sewn up yet. But one wonders why throw the fit in the first place but for the political theater. I think the House Republicans believe they benefit from looking like they fought real hard and stuff. Maybe this was enough for now. They'll all be back before the next regular session anyway.  Gotta do something about that "fiscal cliff."

There's more than one TV/Movie trope that applies to battle near a chasm. I hope everyone is aware. 

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