Sunday, June 11, 2017

We regret to inform you that the Krewe of Nyx is at it again

Did you buy your J.P. Morrell special customized Nyx license plate yet? They're only $25 and all proceeds go back to the krewe which is comforting because...
Carnival krewes typically spend money on beads, floats and bands. So, when one krewe's credit card shows a $7,000 charge for a Gulf Shores vacation, it raises serious questions.
"There are several in there that raise red flags to me," says CPA Patrick Lynch of Rogers, Lynch & Associates.

The $7,000 charge was apparently for a condo rental at Gulf Shores, Alabama.
A few weeks after Mardi Gras in 2016, Nyx credit card records show charges at an Office Depot in Foley, Alabama, at a Walgreens in Gulf Shores and at Papa Rocco's Restaurant, also in Gulf Shores. Someone also charged $212 at The Hangout.

A source gave FOX 8 News about 23 months' worth of credit card records for the Krewe of Nyx, which is a non-profit organization. A review shows dozens and dozens of charges that raise questions.

"Being a nonprofit, any and all monies they expend should be furthering the mission of the nonprofit and it should not be benefiting any individuals," Lynch says.
It's interesting to note some of the reaction on social media. This organization and, in particular its captain, has made a spectacle over the past few years of combining attention seeking stunts with questionable ethics. Still there is an implication in some of the commentary that its the former and not the latter that has gotten them into trouble. There are echoes of the Mayfield story here.  As bad as the one bad actor gauche enough to get in trouble might be, the real issue no one wants to address  is the de-facto sense of entitlement present in all of the social-cultural-economy non-profits who dominate the local polity. 

This is also why there probably won't be serious consequences beyond just a little embarrassment.  To confront the substance of the issue would be to upset too many lobster trees. 

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