Thursday, June 22, 2017

Always good to be validated

Although, in this case, maybe this is a sign one is one the wrong track.

Clancy DuBos today says this election reminds him of something.

No two elections are alike, but this year’s race for mayor of New Orleans reminds me (so far) of the 2002 mayor’s race. Ray Nagin won that contest, but don’t panic. I don’t see another Nagin in our future. What looks familiar is the slow pace at which the field is taking shape and the lack of a clear front runner, at least as this stage.

Clancy goes on to enumerate some additional parallels none of which is this one, exactly, but I would like it thrown onto the pile anyway.  Last month, some idiot on Twitter said:

Yes, I plan to elaborate. But later.  If I could have anything I wanted for this election it would be about 8 more candidates to enter the field. But for now it looks like we're going to the circus with the clown car we have. So, yeah, Clancy is right about the slow pace.  Maybe something fun will happen next month.

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